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Dust to Dust

If Evelyn Waugh were a Mexican punk he might have come up with this breezy, inventive black comedy about a pot-smoking slacker (Osvaldo Benavides) and his straight-arrow cousin (Rodrigo Cachero), united in their love for their grandfather and their dislike for their respective fathers. After the grandfather dies and the fathers ignore his wish for a sea burial, the grandsons hijack his urn and take off for Acapulco Bay, their journey filled with macabre twists and turns as they bicker, reconcile, and learn of the grandfather's secret past. Director Juan Carlos de Llaca is refreshingly wise in his treatment of the kids' alienation and rapport (less so in his stereotypical treatment of their repressed parents), and the film's giddiness is heightened by Checco Varese's gliding camera and a sound track pulsing with rock en espaƱol. 96 min

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