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E-motional Discharge

Jan Schuijren, an independent curator in Amsterdam and Cologne, assembled this video program about “love and loss,” but the two longest works fail to cohere. Kurt d'Haeseleer's File (2000), ostensibly about the collapse of a relationship, is an undigested mix of ringing phones, lone figures, and out of focus imagery. The concept behind Guillaume Graux's PDOA (Public Display of Affection) (2000) is more original—couples make out on the street and in a supermarket—but the soulless dolly shots deaden rather than heighten the video's incipient eroticism. Julika Rudelius's The Highest Point (2002) is intriguing if only for its subject. Women describe their sex lives in intimate detail, sometimes demonstrating positions, and seeing them fully clothed in antiseptic white rooms creates a clinical distance that's weirdly appropriate. Three videos by Tina Gonsalves complete the program. 75 min.

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