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Eat and . . . Should We Put It Out? (The Smoke)


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Instead of Eat, the Asbestos Theatre Project is performing three unnamed "plays" (really more like scenes) that explore whether redemption is possible when human beings inhabit such profane bodies. The fluid Kate Teichman and the cringing Stephen Mosblech put themselves through various forms of agonized contortion, which are hard to watch if sometimes interesting. But in the end the works could really use a narrative and/or stronger, better-developed ideas. Also on the bill is Jayita Bhattacharya's tedious ...Should We Put It Out? (The Smoke), about a quest for nothing much that never gets off the ground. The cast creates a bleak postapocalyptic world where each person is stripped of something essential, but Bhattacharya fails to say anything substantial--or really, anything at all. North theater, 7 PM.

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