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Hours: Breakfast, lunch: seven days

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Upscale BYO "urban family diner."

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There's nowhere in Chicago more remote from problems than Near Eastside, a sculpted, wealthy, and nearly ramparted couple of blocks encircled by the river (to the north), Lake Shore Drive, hotels and insurance companies. It's the proper setting for Eggy's, a Gapified breakfast-for-dinner joint where nothing's really wrong. The fluffy-enough eggies, available all day, actually aren't the namesake of this restaurant (an investor is, a waiter told me), which makes sense because the omelet I had wasn't too satisfying. Beyond eggs, the inoffensive menu can meet a variety of exigencies with burgers, banh mi, gazpacho, falafel, salads, or mac 'n' cheese. I wish the kitchen didn't aim to please so many, because I really liked their lemony fried chicken and the vanilla malted milkshake—that would be a fine genre to focus on. Till then, Eggy's is for the condosseur seeking to chow down on whatever to the sounds of his favorite 80s rock.

Asher Klein

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