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Eryn Allen Kane All Ages Soundboard Recommended Image

When: Fri., Nov. 25, 7 p.m. 2016

Chicago singer-songwriter Eryn Allen Kane invokes soul and R&B’s rich history with intense devotion. She pushes her powerful voice as far as her heart lets her during rafter-raising performances on February’s Aviary: Act II (1552 Music), bellowing, cooing, crying, and hitting high notes with the poise of a bodybuilder swinging the hammer at a carnival strongman game. She’s been recruited by great musicians in Chicago and elsewhere to impart her tender touch, working with Noname, Saba, and Chance the Rapper and joining Prince on the 2015 protest song “Baltimore.” And like soul greats before her, Kane is dedicated to the public good, performing at Chance the Rapper and Social Works’ recent Parade to the Polls concert, to cite just one instance. On Act II, the outstanding ballad “How Many Times” wonders about the black lives snuffed out too early, but the solemn track is as much about fighting for life as it is about death, a kind of musical manna that keeps minds looking forward during the bleakest times. Its courageous, headstrong pulse feels urgent as we look ahead to 2017.

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Price: $35, $30 in advance