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Eyewitness accounts often differ because observers reconstruct their fragmented memories of an event into a coherent but not necessarily accurate whole. So it's plausible that the teenage characters in this MadJoy Theatrics production should all have different recollections of the day when a runaway car crashed into a front stoop crowded with girls, killing one and injuring another. Even the "objective" reports--from the girl who meticulously records everything in her journal, the girl watching from across the street--are nebulous and often contradictory. The young performers in this ensemble-created show don't tidy things up, instead enhancing the mystery by including song, dance, and video images, adding to the psychological clutter that makes the "truth" of an event so elusive. Through 5/21: Fri 7 PM, Sat 2 PM. Free Street, Pulaski Park, 1419 W. Blackhawk (third floor), 773-772-7248. $5-$10.

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