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Every Thing Will Be Fine


Remember when Wim Wenders made charming, stylish films with complex characters? You wouldn't know he ever did after taking in this baffling slog, exacerbated by an unnecessary and headache-inducing 3-D format. In rural Quebec, an aspiring writer (James Franco) kills a young boy in a car accident, an event that has a profound effect on the writer's work, life, and relationships, particularly with his girlfriend (Rachel McAdams) and the victim's mother (Charlotte Gainsbourg). There are so many problems with this film who knows where to begin, but I'd chalk up the majority of the blame to Bjørn Olaf Johannessen's clunky script, Franco's wooden and uncommitted performance, and Alexandre Desplat's intrusive and syrupy score. 118 min. —Tal Rosenberg


Every Thing Will Be Fine

Every Thing Will Be Fine

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