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Everything Went Black, So Many Ways, Genus, Arbogast Recommended Soundboard Image

When: Mon., April 1, 9 p.m. 2013

Like Seattle’s great and powerful Trap Them, Saint Louis band Everything Went Black don’t fit snugly into an unhyphenated genre of heavy—they’re a little too hardcore for the devil-horn metalheads, a little too crusty and metal for the roundhouse-kick hardcore kids. They mix hardcore punk—there’s a Black Flag hat tip in their name, for Pete’s sake—with speedy metal-style tremolo picking and earnest, melodic breakdowns. Their most recent album, last year’s Cycles of Light (Prosthetic), turns on several dimes. “Gods of Atlantis” starts with a slow, minute-long sludge of guitar and some screaming reminiscent of Botch, then breaks suddenly into a dead sprint. “Parades” combines drawn-out buildups and breakdowns, aching vocals, and tension-building bass-and-tom parts where the guitars drop out, then ends with a string-orchestra outro that somehow didn’t surprise me at all; the next track, “Thorn Feeders,” is full throttle and punk as fuck. Everything Went Black describe what they do as “blackened hardcore,” which is fine by me, I guess—just so long as they keep doing it. They’re writing the follow-up to Cycles of Light now, though they say they’ll spend much of the rest of the year on the road. —Kevin Warwick So Many Ways, Genus, and Arbogast open.

Price: $7

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