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Exploding Cinema Showcase

Judging from the five of these nine videos that were available for preview, the Exploding Cinema Collective (part of the London underground film scene since the early 90s) likes to pair rude subject matter with crude production values—some of the flat compositions and artless editing on display would not be out of place on public access TV. Founding member and curator Jennet Thomas's 1999 The Spectacular Murder of Mervyn, a mix of animation and live action with a sound track by the Residents, is a messy and parodic gloss on Lautreamont's proto-surrealist novel Maldoror. Set to aggressive, brassy music, Arthur Lager's Instant Pussy (1998) presents a series of images—a guy watching porn, a giant bug on the wall, an inflatable vagina—with no apparent point other than to provoke. Dean Cole's The Missing Link (1996), in which two men arguing about their cars end up comparing the size of their dicks, is so self-indulgent it's almost interesting. Thomas will attend the screening. 71 min.


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