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Extreme Ops

In their quest for the youth market, Hollywood hacks often dress up their old script ideas in baggy pants and backward baseball caps, but I hope American kids aren't dumb enough to swallow this awful extreme-sports adventure by Christian Duguay. A group of snowboarding, skateboarding, wildwater-kayaking dudes and dudettes arrive at a remote Alpine lodge and encounter a Serbian war criminal. I can't decide what makes me squirm the most—the unhappy-looking Rufus Sewell and the shockingly bad Devon Sawa pretending to be radical filmmakers? The fact that the most frequent and possibly best line of dialogue is “Woo-hoo”? The sketchy and utterly repellent heroes? Even the action sequences are poorly executed, with lots of choppy editing meant to conceal the fakery (2002, 93 min.).


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