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Family Affair

The ubiquity of supermarket tabloids, reality TV, tell-all memoirs, and low-cost digital recorders has led too many people to air the sordid, painful events of their lives without turning them into art. Among them is Chico David Colvard, whose disjointed and tawdry documentary (2010) about his father's systematic sexual abuse of Colvard's three sisters succeeds only in furthering the women's exploitation. Colvard begins by recalling how, as a child, he accidentally shot his sister Paula while trying to emulate the TV western The Rifleman, then he abruptly shifts gears, bouncing from one sister to the next as they lob recriminations at each other. That the father served less than a year in prison for his crimes is appalling; that his scarred offspring welcomed him back is sad and creepy.



  • Chico Colvard


  • Chico Colvard
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