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Dear editor,

I read your heartwarming piece on young doctor Bruce Tizes and his fiancee Leslee (is the spelling correct?) Soroka [Neighborhood News, May 13]. This is not fair at all, especially if you do not publish regular updates, since this story is far from over. I too had problems with snooty, snotty, know-it-all, vandalism-prone north-side neighbors, and actually did move to Hyde Park where you can get three nice 100-year-old row houses for the price of one up there.

Is there a legal defense fund? The doc's mounting legal fees could soon negatively impact his upward mobility, and it is so obvious he and his human rights are being trampled.

However, before he and Leslee (sp!?) decide to purchase their next home down here, I think they should spend a few days hanging out on 53rd Street. I'm not sure Leslee (sp!) would feel all that comfortable in this area, especially if she insists on wearing that belt.

Zoltan Newberry

E. 50th St.

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