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Fast Food, Fast Women


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Bella is a pearl of a character--she transcends quirky. An idealist, she's also, we learn in passing from a doctor who's her best girlfriend, bulimic--which isn't inconsistent and isn't belabored. Having repeatedly given her lover, a frighteningly smug and pathetic theater director, one more chance to leave his wife, she's now entering the twilight of her childbearing years--a fact suddenly brought home by the approach of her 35th birthday. Her hunt for a man is only part of what drives this immensely charming romantic comedy--and gritty fairy tale--whose several subplots are gathered together like a bunch of wildflowers. Written and directed by Amos Kollek; with Anna Thomson, Louise Lasser, Jamie Harris, Robert Modica, and Austin Pendleton. 96 min. Landmark's Century Centre.

--Lisa Alspector

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