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Fatuous Reasoning


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To the editors:

It is fatuous for Alan Boomer to blame the lack of interest in the White Sox on their play-by-play announcers (The Sports Section, August 13). I don't agree with the political opinions of Rooney and Farmer, or think that Harrelson and Paciorek possess the best vocabulary in the city, but how does Boomer propose to gauge announcers' popularity--or didn't he bother to find out?

If Boomer is so bothered by the former-players-turned-play-by-play-men and what he calls their "jockocracy," why does he spend a significant portion of his article reprinting quotes from manager Gene Lamont, pitcher Jack McDowell, and catcher Ron Karkovice? Is it because he simply likes their overdrawn, stale bromides better than those of Hawk, Wimpy, and Farmer?

The next month will obviously tell us what we need to know about the White Sox, but Boomer's column tells me all I need to know about his reasoning. To universalize his dislike of play-by-play men and blame poor attendance on them is unsound. In addition, the overall mean-spiritedness of the article, and especially the creepy final paragraph, says more about Boomer than it does about anything else. Grab some bench, Alan.

Stuart Shea

N. Kenmore

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