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To the editors:

I never meant to write about this because I know that good talent is in short supply. A little background: I fell in love with your mag while visiting in Chicago on numerous occasions, and the main reason I subscribed was David Kehr. His movie reviews were, without doubt, the best being written anywhere by anyone. He's gone now, and I still take your mag because I've learned to love other contributors--Cecil Adams, Bill Wyman, Linda Barry, et al. But I've had a big problem with Jonathan Rosenbaum, and it doesn't surprise me to see negative letters such as the one by Barbara Kancelbaum (2/3/89). Maybe she's right; maybe she's wrong. But the fact is that Rosenbaum just does not connect with any sphere of criticism with which most folks can relate. He speaks large words, but his ideas are very small indeed. A lot of us have been in the position of having to fill up a page with words and we know what it means. What always impresses me about your better writers is how they manage to condense great thoughts--Mr. Rosenbaum is just filling up paper. You are paying for that paper. I suggest taking applications.

Danny Wildman

Huntsville, Alabama

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