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Five Seconds of Steve Albini


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Gentle readers:

All this vitriol [Letters, February 18] directed at Steve Albini is uncalled for. While I concede his conceit, it must be admitted that compromising one's principles for the sake of popularity is, at the very least, tacky. In his defense, I would like to share an incident that speaks to Mr. Albini's credentials as a true artist who refuses to sell out. One day my roommate was disturbed by our upstairs neighbors who were playing their stereo too loud. She asked me if I had any really obnoxious music, and I said sure; I considered the Butthole Surfers and the Dead Kennedys but settled for Mr. Albini's old band, Big Black. About five seconds of Songs About Fucking played at ten was all my roommate could take, but it was enough to ensure peace and quiet for the rest of the afternoon.

So there.

Darin Burleigh


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