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When: Wed., May 13, 9 p.m. 2015

Eternally uninterested by beginnings, middles, and endings, Chile’s Follakzoid compose amorphous albums of cosmic, smoldering guitar delay that sneaks from one track to next and explores recesses of negative space—going just deep enough to poke around in the darkness without being absorbed within it. The new III (Sacred Bones), like II and the band’s self-titled debut before it, is as faceless as its nondescript title suggests. Held steady by looping, Krautrock-leaning rhythms, each of the four mammoth tracks features a sturdy albeit minimal framework that invites adornments of swelling-and-contracting guitar feedback and whirring synth buzz (off-kilter electronic glitches add a nice wrinkle to the band’s mostly hypnotic sound). Droning vocals occasionally float in and out of the tracks, almost taunting you to find a way out of the hedge maze of psych-tinted noise—though once you’ve given up and settled into III, you’ll learn that being trapped can feel pretty cozy. —Kevin Warwick

Price: $12, $10 in advance

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