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To the editors:

David B. Sutton is a great human being. His "79 Cents" story [February 17] underscores the lack of compassion we humans have in dealing with one another. He hears the man's story, has feelings that the stranger is NOT LYING, gives the man 79 cents and then justifies his actions with the remark, "But then again, you can feel shitty all by yourself, you don't need to share that with anyone, not with this stranger, and so you just keep walking."

If David's not into sharing this incident with anyone, specifically the stranger, then why write about it in a format that allows him to GET PAID.

Mr. Sutton owes that man not only the balance of the train ticket, but 50 percent of his earnings from the story he wrote. Without that stranger, he would have no story and, consequently, less dollars in his pocket. Hopefully he will make it up to the next stranger who gives him an opportunity to FOLLOW HIS HEART.

Palma Scott-Winbush

S. Kenwood

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