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Fools for Finkelstein


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Dear Reader,

Norman Finkelstein ["Whose Holocaust Is It Anyway?" August 26] is famously part of a group of people who are officially known by mainstream educated, intellectual, and authoritative Jewish organizations as nothing less than virtual neo-Nazi, self-hating Jews, whose main goal in life is to dismantle Israel and destroy Judaism, which is only one reason why contemporary Nazis adore their writings, which Dershowitz rightfully calls "serial fabrications," as were Mein Kampf and The Protocols. Is there any other nation, race, or religion that has a built-in enclave of psycho-guilt-ridden self-destructive lemmings? As if the Jews don't have enough enemies.

It would be the greatest mitzvah (good deed) if Dershowitz succeeds in having Finkelstein removed (fired?) from DePaul. Having someone on their faculty who is so incredibly dishonest is truly a blight on an otherwise fine institution. The fact that Harvard honors Alan Dershowitz, one of the world's great law professors, is only one factor in making the defrocking of Finkelstein seem like such a good idea. I'm sure that among Finkelsteins' mourners would be bin Laden and Zarqawi.

Although the article made Finkelstein seem, for a split second, like the innocent underdog, the truth came through in the end, and the unmentioned necessity of hiring more credible educators who are more highly regarded by mainstream acceptable organizations should be a red flag to the human resources office and the dean and his staff at DePaul.

Robert Harris


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