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For the Bible Tells Me So

95 minutes

Tony Kaye's recent documentary Lake of Fire made a real contribution to the national debate on abortion by treating each side with respect and seriously engaging the intractable moral issues at hand; by contrast, Daniel Karslake's For the Bible Tells Me So, about the tension between Christianity and homosexuality, opens with the famous 1977 clip of Anita Bryant getting hit in the face with a pie. Karslake profiles five deeply religious families that were rocked by the coming out of a son or daughter, and the stories are affecting (particularly that of Gene Robinson, whose kindly Kentucky parents watched him go on to become the first openly gay Episcopal bishop). The movie is so slanted, though, with clips of ranting televangelists and sign-waving bigots, that it seems as bland as a PSA; progressive clergy provide enough historical context to neutralize the handful of Bible verses prohibiting homosexual acts, but Karslake never confronts the broader issues of sexuality and procreation that bedevil even moderate Christians.

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