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Formula 51

A west-coast drug designer hawking a new high (Samuel L. Jackson) travels to Liverpool hoping for a big score and gets stuck working with a hapless gangster (Robert Carlyle). Scripted by Liverpudlian Stel Pavlou and directed by Hong Kong hack Ronny Yu (Bride of Chucky), this tired action comedy is the usual weave of over-the-top violence and cross-cultural shtick. For some reason Jackson's character goes around wearing a kilt, and for equally obscure reasons the Brits keep calling it a skirt. “The whole reason I'm doing this film is because of Sam Jackson,” explains Yu in a press release. “He told me he was wearing a kilt and he wanted me to do it, so I simply said, 'You got it!' A black guy in a kilt. It's fascinating.” 92 min.


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