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This week's Culture Vultures recommend . . .

Four Lions, Blewt! Productions, and Lillstreet Art Center

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Jason Saldanha, Sound Opinions producer and webmaster, is looking into the mouth of:

Four Lions There is a cabal of British comedy writers who have been involved in writing some of the most memorable and important comedies of the last 20 years: Armando Iannucci, Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, and Chris Morris. I recently caught up with a terrific movie penned by Morris called Four Lions.

Morris, who is a director of Iannucci's upcoming HBO series Veep, boldly goes where very few have gone before—jihadist comedy. Four Lions is about the struggle of radicalized Muslim youth in Sheffield, England, and the follies that ensue in their attempt to change the cultural hierarchy. The group, led by Omar (Riz Ahmed), struggles both intellectually and physically in their attempt for political attention and self-realization.

It's biting, cringe-worthy comedy that flies in the face of political correctness and makes us reexamine our relationships with the culturally disaffected. It's now available via Netflix streaming.

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