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This week's Culture Vultures recommend . . .

Four Lions, Blewt! Productions, and Lillstreet Art Center

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Mark Geary, the Lincoln Lodge producer, is in fits of laughter over:

Blewt! Productions We Chicagoans love to define the entertainment in our city in terms of the behemoths that dominate both the press and the water cooler chat, but I'd like to pitch the case for the small independent producers that make the entertainment landscape so vibrant and interesting. Case in point: Blewt! Productions.

They never fail on their mission to "create comedy to delight and confuse" and I am constantly in awe of the originality and innovation of whatever new project Blewt! creates. Their latest venture—literally drawing cats to sell by mail order—sees Blewt! founder Steve Gadlin appearing on ABC's Shark Tank on January 27, but it's their hilarious live shows that really are the jewel in the crown. These guys are a conveyor belt of consistently new and hilarious ideas.

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