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Four Nights With Anna

A supporting role in David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises inspired veteran Polish filmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski to return to directing after a 17-year absence; the result is as creepy and menacing as much of Cronenberg's oeuvre, with a heavy dose of European fatalism thrown in. Artur Steranko plays the repressed custodian of a hospital crematory, who visits his mother's grave to tell her he finally has a girlfriend. But the object of his affections, a zaftig nurse (Kinga Preis) who lives across a field from him, doesn't realize she has an admirer who slips her sleeping powder, then expresses his ardor by cleaning her house while she's unconscious. Flashbacks to a traumatic event years earlier suggest that his stalking may be more sinister than it appears. In Polish with subtitles.



  • Jerzy Skolimowski


  • Artur Steranko
  • Kinga Preis
  • Urszula Bartos-Gesikowska
  • Malgorzata Buczkowska
  • Jerzy Fedorowicz
  • Marcin Jedrzejewski
  • Redbad Klynstra
  • Barbara Kolodziejska


  • Eva Piaskowska
  • Jerzy Skolimowski


  • Paulo Branco
  • Eva Piaskowska
  • Philippe Rey
  • Jerzy Skolimowski

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