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When: Sat., Nov. 24, 10 p.m. 2012

Macro-scale pop genres such as rock 'n' roll and rap are always the result of evolutionary processes that far exceed the capacity of any one artist to grasp or direct them, even though their mythologies suggest that they leapt into being with bolts of inspiration from the blue. But it's nonetheless possible to find individual recordings—"Rocket 88," "Whitey on the Moon"—where you can hear sounds and ideas caught in the act of colliding and birthing something new. Thanks to the Internet, you can listen to house music's conception in progress by streaming live recordings of sets by DJs such as Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles. These pioneers broke down disco, funk, and pop records into their most basic elements and then rebuilt them—using tape decks, drum machines, and a cunning sense for what would move a room full of dancers—as lean, abstracted shapes animated by an almost religious devotion to the four-on-the-floor beat. Knuckles's 2008 remix of "Blind" by neo-disco act Hercules and Love Affair proves that he still has a knack for making a big noise out of the bare minimum of pieces. —Miles Raymer David Morales and John Simmons open.

Price: $25, $20 in advance

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