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Free William Heirens!


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To the editors:

It was an interesting coincidence that Bob McClory's article on Bill Heirens [August 25] appeared in the Reader the same day that the Chicago Tribune carried the latest theories on the Sam Sheppard case. It caused me to wonder why the "carnival atmosphere" surrounding the Sheppard case encouraged the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn his conviction and order a new trial while, in the Heirens case, the Supreme Court refused to acknowledge the fact that the newspaper publicity played an enormous part in Heirens' plea bargain confession.

Bob McClory is to be commended for enabling the Chicago public to reevaluate the circumstances leading to Heirens' conviction. He is also to be commended for taking a stand on the injustice of continuing to incarcerate Heirens. How unfortunate that the state's attorney and attorney general remain fixated in their "popular" but totally unfair stance.

Michael Arabshian

Elmwood Park

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