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To the editor:

I commend Mr. David Futrelle on his recent article, "Reading: Freud Under Fire," published in the March 25 issue of the Chicago Reader.

His overview is a well-balanced and sensitive response to the ad hominem attacks on Freud by F. Crews, J. Masson, and others, who have based their arguments on Freud's early experiences while neglecting the whole of his theory of inner mentation and general psychology. In his rebuttal, he has presented us with an accurate description of how far psychoanalysis has come in both its theory and technique, and its helpfulness to those tormented by internal conflict in leading freer and productive lives.

Thank you for this well-written exposition on the current relevance of Freudian psychoanalysis and its continuing importance as an art and science in understanding the complexities of our inner lives and the effect of these universal conflicts on perception and behavior.

Thomas Pappadis, M.D.


Institute for Psychoanalysis

N. Michigan

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