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When: Tuesdays-Sundays. Continues through July 25 2010

Audience members are herded onto the stage of the Auditorium Theatre, and stand there for about an hour while the show goes on around, among, and above them. A gorgeous young man walks, then runs, on a wide conveyor belt. There's a sense that he's being chased, or at least that he's really, really anxious. As it turns out, it's both. Shot, he apparently dies. But he gets up and runs again, with the same result, while other people and objects representing different environments--a street, a restaurant--whiz by him on the conveyor. Exhausted, he falls on a bed and sleeps. What follows may be his dream. Or it may be a dreamlike excuse for a party. More gorgeous young people show up. They swing around on cables, smash through walls, and dance, communicating the ecstatic pissed-offness you see in rock stars and runway models. Four women writhe on a kind of clear-bottomed Slip 'n Slide hung overhead. There are smoke, light flashes, and loud noises. This spectacle from Argentinian director Diqui James is an action movie without the exposition. A commercial without a product. A circus without genuine skills. It's pornography without sex acts. A rave without chaos. It's cool, inventive, and perfectly soulless. --Tony Adler

Price: $50-$80


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