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This week's Culture Vultures recommend:

Calles y Sueños, the Illinois State Fair, and Full Moon Jam


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  • Sarah Ji

Rey Andujar, author and performer in Teatro Vista/Collaboraction's Yo Solo Festival is nourishing his soul at:

Calles y Sueños Calles y Sueños has become the place I go to get comfort food for my art soul. The project is headed by Pilsen cultural activist and advocate Christina Obregon, who works to provide an alternative space for local and international artists. What interests me the most about this cultural house is its constant motion. There is always something going on at Calles y Sueños: art shows, theater and music events, and film and cultural workshops. The organizers of these events seem to understand that where there is a need there lies an opportunity for those passionate about change.

Before making Chicago my home I was part of the art scene in Puerto Rico, which is very political due to the status of the island as a commonwealth and its complicated relationship with the United States. Coming here and finding art with a purpose was therefore very important to me, and it seems very important to Christina too. Calles y Sueños houses an intercultural and internationalist arts community that is inextricably connected to its history of cultural/political liberation. It is comforting to be surrounded by positive individuals who have a passion for progressive cultural change and self-determination.

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