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When: Fri., Jan. 30, 6:30 p.m. 2009

As long as there are suburban males getting hit with the sledgehammer of adolescent hormones the same week that they realize that their shitty jobs at McDonald’s help wreck the world, there will be guys like Long Island’s This Is Hell turning that frustration and fury into meat-and-potatoes hardcore. I’m too old and deaf to really make out the lyrics over the battering snare and angle-grinder guitar of their imminent sophomore full-length, Misfortunes (Trustkill), but I definitely hear the word ‘war,’ logically enough. (Eat your hearts out, Reagan Youth! What U.S. invasion did Dave Insurgent get to yell about? Grenada?) And I can say that whatever it is that’s got them so gloriously angry, I’m against it too. This Is Hell play with too much piss and vinegar to sound stale, even though underneath all the thrashy metalcore commotion the songs themselves have the same punk heart as vintage 7 Seconds—though of course in 1984 no band this hard-ass would ever have admitted to naming itself after an Elvis Costello song. Funeral for a Friend headlines; the Sleeping, Emarosa, and This Is Hell open. —Ann Sterzinger

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