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Further Discussion on the Fist Method


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To the editors:

I just read the Open Letter addressed to me in your [Letters] column (April 1).

Look at their signatures: "Susan Danzig LaPierre" (wasn't that the author of one of W.C. Fields' screenplays?), "Kitty Knapp" and so on. Come on, girls, quit your kidding.

In addition to their lighthearted, mocking approach to a serious subject, I also resent the writers' suggestion that I need professional help. I don't need any help to beat my children; I'm perfectly adequate, thank you. Any suggestion otherwise is a reflection on my manhood. Who would they suggest I hire? Mr. T?

And while I have your readers' attention: would the owner of ABUSR license plate please contact me for a cash offer?

Neil Elliott


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