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Garage Spaces opens with Stolen

When: Fri., Oct. 9, 12:43 p.m. 2009

"Stolen" is part pawn shop/part human-scale curio cabinet with a secret within. The converted 2 car garage space will be stocked with works and documentation of ideas appropriated or borrowed indefinitely. The collection of prosecutable works will be provided by artists: Roberto Cardenas, Bert Stabler, Mike Bancroft, Maria Perkovic, Evan Plummer, Bridget Bancroft, Alex Inglizian, Gabriel Carrasquillo, Experimental Sound Studio Artists, and many more unwilling to jeopardize their anonymity. Viewers navigate real captive spaces that look into our collective paranoia about possession of objects and artistic ideas. The installation aims to challenge the very legality of trademark through a paradoxical lens tempting the viewer to take a side they might not have otherwise. The pawn shop desk will be staffed by volunteers eager to help viewers pawn or purchase items and if they are lucky lead them into the"vault". Currated by Mike Bancroft



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