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The city's only place for Garifuna cuisine.

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The Garifuna are an African-Amerindian people who these days mostly live in Honduras, Belize, and U.S. cities such as LA, New York, and Chicago. At this, the only Garifuna restaurant in town, you can sample staples of the cuisine like hudut, compressed mashed plantains that, like West African fufu, are served with stews. You'll find a number of the latter on the menu, many with kingfish, red snapper, or conch. A pair of fat pigtails stewed in tomato sauce is served with a different plantain preparation, darasa, made strictly with green plantains, which has a smooth, fine texture almost like a Guatamalan tamale. There's also a cow-foot soup that gets its luscious body from the cooked-down gelatinous flesh. Ducunu is a lightly sweet pudding made with grated fresh corn. Owners Rhodel and Yolanda Castillo also offer Caribbean dishes not exclusive to the Garifuna: tostones, jerk chicken, stewed oxtails, a giant tamale encasing a whole chicken leg, and panades, deep-fried mini empanadas stuffed with buffalo fish. And then there are garnaches, tostadas topped with a schmear of black beans and, oddly, shredded cheddar cheese and ketchup; these are vastly improved by a dose of the thin, oniony habanero salsa that comes on the table.

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