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Gary Numan: Android in La La Land

85 minutes 2016

Kraftwerk showed how synthesizers could make people dance, but Gary Numan showed how synths could make them rock out. By feeding the keyboard through a guitar amplifier, Numan crafted a clanging, zapping sound that undeniably influenced other synth-pop acts as well as hair metal and, especially, industrial. Many aspects of Numan's life story are worth investigating: he was diagnosed with Asperger's at an early age; he had a falling out, still unresolved, with his parents, who were his business managers; he married and fathered three children with a member of his fan club; and he suffers from severe depression. Instead, directors Steve Read and Rob Alexander center their documentary on the production of Numan's 2013 album Splinter; this approach allows for a fine introduction to Numan's music, but the other subjects are addressed too briefly to cohere as a narrative.

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