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George the Hedgehog

The Polish cartoon character Jet Jerzy was created for children, but in the mid-90s he was promoted to adult comics, where he's become a down-and-dirty cult hero. Now enshrined in this wild animated feature as George the Hedgehog, he rides around in a limo flanked by gorgeous women who stand up through the skylight and flash their breasts. The plot involves a mad scientist who steals a few quills from George's back and generates an evil clone that's inclined to vomit and hump blow-up sex dolls; the art involves computer-animated cutouts that might have been drawn by Lynda Barry; and the humor involves a lot of things your mother probably wouldn't laugh at (but I sure did). The movie deftly satirizes some of Poland's social problems, often with a double-edged blade: in one scene, George, chased by a hulking neo-Nazi skinhead, hurls a rose at the guy—and the thorns rip his face open. In Polish with subtitles.


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