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Get Your Head Out of Your Class!


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In "Acquiring Minds" (August 24), Richard Knight Jr. informs us that the houses in Norwood Park are "neat and orderly." What's more, we learn that the Hennesseys show "pride" in their home, "one of the neatest houses on the block."

It's been a while since I've seen so much condescension in so few sentences--the lead paragraph yet. The only thing I missed was that other telltale word, "tidy."

Imagine reading this: "The Joneses' Glencoe home is a neat and orderly one." Or this: "John Smith's pride in his tidy Gold Coast row house is obvious." These descriptions would strike most people as odd, if not ridiculous.

Can't the writers and editors of the Reader do a better job of reporting on something besides their assumptions about class?

Vicki White

N. Drake

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