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To the editors:

Why Steve Bogira he go wraht dat trash o'hisn in dat mushmouf incompahensible faux ghetto-speak wif de incorrectly stressed cadence ["The Press: Beautiful Women," February 17]?

He no see Hollywood Shuffle? How 'bout Amos & Andy? He no gots enuff friens gone slap him upside de head sayin', "Tsk, tsk, Steve, old chap, dat be one tiresome stereotype long time fo' now"?

'N' furthamore, he best realize dat a puhson cain't tell effn dat dialect sposed tuh be Chicago black, Jamaican, Mexican Spanish, or Litvak wifout reference to de appropriate stereotypes used in de text, not when dat noise written down in dat hebby-handed and bumble-footed way. Surely it be counter-productive fo' someone engaged in a pseudo-civil rights rant to go reinforcin' stereotypes dat way?

That isn't the only icky aspect of his piece, either. It's one thing to blame the Trib for discrimination in its editorial choices. But at times he seems to be blaming the women for being chosen, and blaming them for doing charity work, having good homes, having good salaries--why, the nerve of those princesses! How dare they!

Hell, the Trib committed an even bigger piece of discrimination than Bogira complains about--surely he realizes that, as a man, he is disqualified from even being considered for the Trib's list of "most beautiful women in Chicago," no matter what kind of charity work he does or lovely home he ever has?

Dumb Trib story. Dumb Reader response.

Lori Twersky

Campbell, California

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