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Girl King

Gender-bending silliness, as two women, Butch and Claudia, are captured by the female cross-dressing pirate Captain Candy and taken to a remote island. Its lonely, sexually frustrated queen beseeches Butch to recover her treasure, which has been stolen by the departed king, and agrees to set sail with Candy to win over the comely Claudia. This Canadian feature, shot on a shoestring, seems a lighthearted romp, but director Ileana Pietrobruno subverts her material by intercutting old pirate movies featuring Douglas Fairbanks, snippets from Lewis Milestone's Mutiny on the Bounty, and porno both straight and lesbian. Pietrobruno seems to be exploring certain aspects of male machismo and how it affects either sex: one clip, with Fairbanks chasing a frightened damsel around a ship's galley, intertwines with lesbian pirates mounting young women. Pietrobruno takes care to protect the film's cheerful camp appeal, though at the conclusion a title card exhorts everyone to have an orgasm with whomever and by whatever means necessary. 80 min.

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