Gizmos, Parquet Courts, Thee Yolks Early Warnings (Music) Recommended Soundboard

When: Thu., Dec. 27, 9:30 p.m. 2012

Had the Parquet Courts PR machine not told me that the band consists of Brooklyn-relocated Texans, I might’ve blown them off as a “New York band”—specifically a “New York band” with a soft spot for the straightforward, low-key, garagey sound that the Strokes (yawn) made popular in the early aughts. On first listen, Parquet Courts’ simple guitar melodies and borderline deadpan vocals might remind you of that scene, but once you dig into their debut, Light Up Gold (Dull Tools), you’ll unearth quirks and peculiarities that are more Sparks than Strokes. The postpunk of “Donuts Only” recalls vintage Mclusky, right down to the Falkous-like nasal yowl. “Master of Craft” and “Stoned and Starving” channel the chill strut of the Modern Lovers, complete with the vocal swagger of Jonathan Richman. And a refreshing punk playfulness pumps through the album’s 15 tracks, a la the Dead Milkmen at their finest. The moral of the story: it’s cool to sound like other bands, so long as when you add it all up you don’t sound like other bands. Light Up Gold is very much its own beast. Full album. Bandcamp. Free. Yes. —Kevin Warwick The Gizmos headline; Parquet Courts and the Yolks open.

Price: $10

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