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God Bless America

Rated R 105 minutes 2012

Toward the end of Bobcat Goldthwait's blacker-than-black comedy, the potbellied, everyman hero, Frank (Joel Murray), meets up in a hotel room with a black market gun dealer toting two suitcases full of weapons. The dealer drops a series of racist cracks as he shows off his wares and finally, unveiling an AK-47, asks Frank, "Is that a honey or what?" A honey—suddenly the scene, in fact the entire movie, snapped into focus for me as I remembered a nearly identical rendezvous in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. "Ain't that a little honey?" asks the fast-talking Easy Andy as he shows Travis Bickle a .380 Walther. Both Travis and Frank are men driven past the breaking point by their disgust with modern-day America, its selfishness and cruelty and exploitation of the weak. The main difference between the two movies is that back in 1976 Travis was rightly recognized as a maniac, whereas 35 years later Frank seems as lovably put-upon as Homer Simpson. Continue reading >>

Film Credits

Official Site: www.magnetreleasing.com/godblessamerica

Director: Bobcat Goldthwaite

Producer: Sean McKittrick, Jeff Culotta, Edward Hamm Jr. and Richard Kelly

Cast: Joel Murray, Tara Barr, Melinda Hamilton, Mackenzie Smith, Rich McDonald, Maddie Hasson, Larry Miller, Travis Wester, Lauren Phillips, Aris Alvarado and Regan Burns


God Bless America

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