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God Has a Rap Sheet

Kamal Ahmed, who parlayed prank calls into a showbiz career as one of the Jerky Boys, wrote and directed this grungy metaphysical comedy about eight New Yorkers stuck in a holding cell with a grizzled old-timer in Bellevue pajamas (John Ford Noonan) who claims to be God. Of course, they were carefully selected by the NYPD to represent a broad cross section of society, the better to debate the meaning of life. At 118 minutes, this manages to be both overly schematic and underdeveloped: each of the eight angry men gets a pungent flashback explicating his stale trauma, and the sparks don't really begin to fly among them until halfway through. Ahmed delivers a few jerky laughs along the way (a British bloke asking a hardened B-boy for a “fag”; a Hasidic Jew getting fist-fucked by a black whore), but his cosmic symposium never rises above the level of a barroom bull session.


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