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When: Fridays-Sundays. Continues through March 5 2017

Brussels, 1927: Five physicists are having cocktails after hours at the prestigious Solvay scientific conference. Niels Bohr is present, hyping probability. Erwin Schrödinger does his cat-in-the-box trick. And Einstein, well, he's Einstein. Suddenly the party gets crashed, excellent-adventure-style, by Nick, a visitor from the future who totes his own bong and brings bad news: "hell spirits" called Goobies are coming to kill the physicists, maybe because science is wrecking religion—I'm not sure. Anyway, plenty of ninjalike havoc ensues. Both the cocktail talk and the havoc go on too long, and lots of it is inscrutable. But stupid/smart surprises keep coming while the cast of this Runaways Lab Theatre premiere (written and directed by Gannon Reedy from a story by Nathaniel Shane) maintain a gonzo energy. These folks don't take bows when their 70 minutes are up. They dance. —Tony Adler

Price: $17

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