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Megan Wells's solo piece based on the myth of Eros and Psyche should resonate with anyone in love, longing for a partner, or fearing a relationship's demise. As a beautiful mortal betrays her immortal lover, the god of desire, Wells makes the story's lust, passion, and love resonate with a contemporary audience. In an hour and 40 minutes she weaves an evocative, eloquent tale, alone on an outdoor stage except for "masked mythmakers," who add visual and sound effects; the puppet Charon is particularly stunning. Wells's delivery--especially her drawn-out enunciation as if emphasizing every word in a text for children--can grow tiresome, and her different characters aren't always distinct. Still, her artistry draws us into the sweeping story and its timeless lesson on the true nature of love. Through 8/17: Wed 8 PM. Oak Park Festival Theatre, Austin Gardens, Forest and Lake, Oak Park, 708-445-4440 (or the 19th Century Club, 178 Forest, Oak Park, in case of rain). $12-$15.

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