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Godzilla 2000

Godzilla, an ambiguous threat to the people of Tokyo, faces off against a shape-shifting alien, but the giant lizard's morphologically unstable foe isn't entirely organic—it's an oversize, rampaging CPU even more curvaceous than an iMac and capable of processing genetic information as rapidly as computer data. For all the high-tech allusions and middle-tech illusions, the movie—the 23rd in an immortal series—draws its power from its grittiness and unresolved allegory. Much of the conflict between the monsters is blocked to resemble a boxing match, and though an anxious crowd offers canned exclamations, camp isn't the dominant ethos as Godzilla, a chaotic force that somehow also exercises restraint, thwarts an attempt at universal domination. Takao Okawara directed; Kenji Suzuki was the director of special effects.


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