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Aspiring news anchor Audrey (Maria Pitillo) is the blond at one point of the romantic triangle in this overlong, neither funny nor scary movie about a big lizard playing Twister on Manhattan (1998). Vicki Lewis (the redhead from TV's NewsRadio) is an eminent researcher who hankers after Audrey's ex-boyfriend (Matthew Broderick), a biologist specializing in the effects of radiation; within minutes of meeting him she's inquired about his relationship status and offered her opinion of his looks—thumbs up. Guess who gets the guy? Everything else about this story, a descendant of the movie christened Gojira in Japan in 1954, is equally obvious. Like game-show viewers prompting sluggish contestants, the audience I saw the movie with called out the plot points in advance, gently deriding the clueless filmmakers. Director Roland Emmerich and cowriter Dean Devlin also collaborated on Independence Day.

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