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Borders have frequently shifted around the land now known as the Republic of Macedonia--over the past two millennia it's been a Christian and pagan nation, ruled by Byzantines and Communists, and neighboring Greece still disputes its right to call itself Macedonia. As you might imagine, a place with this much history has a rich folk tradition, sorting generations of cultural confusions into poignant and mesmerizing song and dance forms. Goran Alachki is a master of Macedonian folk and its tricky time signatures--an accordionist and composer, he's performed professionally since he was 15, run a studio devoted to folk music, documented festival performances, and operated a music school since 1999. (He also travels often to give seminars and offers lessons through his Web site, He appears here with folk singer Adrijana Alachka, who's making her U.S. debut, and Ljupcho Manevski, lead dancer of Macedonia's national folk ensemble, Tanec. The three will be making multiple appearances during their three-day stint, which is the only midwest stop on their U.S. tour; see also Sunday and Monday. a 7 PM, St. Sophia Church, 404 Oakton, Des Plaines, 847-331-7842, $10. A

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