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Goreville USA

According to some residents of Goreville, Illinois, the town's unusual ordinance requiring heads of households to own guns isn't strictly enforced. This mild irony comes to light in interviews conducted by the documentary's three directors (David Sarno, Seth Henrickson, and Rob Shields), which are intercut to emphasize different aspects of gun-control politics and Second Amendment rights, the residents' personal experiences with guns, and the tenor of life in the small town, the exact size of whose population is the subject of a mocking montage before the movie veers into more serious terrain. One scene shows G. Gordon Liddy addressing a rally; in another sequence a member of the Southern Illinois Patriots League says the group doesn't use the word militia in its name mainly because it's illegal to form one. But the forced contrast between the lightweight, colorful interviews and the ominous inserts of a masked man shooting off various firearms seems a vacant substitute for a political agenda. Music by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy.

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