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Hours: Dinner: seven days

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International small plates from chef Roger Herring (Socca).

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Grand Tour is a sports bar and restaurant dreamed up by the owner behind Wrigleyville's Red Ivy and Quay on the riverfront. He has enlisted a credible chef, Roger Herring, formerly of Socca, to implement a dubiously conceived global menu that features cheffy takes on incongruous things like pad thai, "flatbread" (aka pizza), and fried chicken, each dish denoted by its country of origin, plus a monthly three-course, $33 prix fixe "tour" of one particular national cuisine, recently Greece and Mexico. An early menu featured a Thai interpretation of sweetbreads, and a whole pig face (China, for some unknowable reason). The two German offerings illustrate the polar extremes to which Herring goes to execute his culinary world order. One is a swollen soft pretzel, salty, golden brown, and elastic in the interior, served with a crock of mucilaginous beer cheese and a blob of coarse mustard. Then there are the "pretzel prawns," two long, head-on crustaceans jacketed in crushed pretzel batter before taking a swim in the deep fryer, which reduces the critters to mulch. On the other hand, the potato salad is pretty good, vinegary and tossed with big bacon lardons. But really, you're probably here to watch some form of athletic competition, anyway.

Mike Sula

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