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Great Call


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Congratulations to us! Chicago has now published two articles in five months on the unbelievably suppressed issue of cell phone radiation health effects! For seven years I've watched news stories proliferate around the world while America sleeps the sweet slumber of ignorance and orders family plans and kiddie phones galore for the latest target of industry marketing. Efforts to rouse Chicagoland media into interest in cell phone and wireless safety have been like spitting in the wind. Thank the stars that the Reader's Michael Miner ["When Bad News Is No News," June 15] and the Tribune's Mike Hughlett breached the silence. I'll add Steve Edwards of WBEZ's "Eight Forty-Eight" to that list of luminaries after his interview with Dr. George Carlo, former head of the wireless industry's health research program and now a strong precaution advocate. I can only hope that this prods more reporters, with the support of their news organizations, to study the very disturbing scientific and political landscape surrounding this hot potato issue. Perhaps then the public can begin to connect the dots, and make some real "conscious choices" about cell phone use (as well as the wisdom of blanketing cities in Wi-Fi).

Marne Glaser

W. Greenleaf

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