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Green E--The Environmental Elvis


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Green E--The Environmental Elvis, at Cafe Voltaire. Dave Pyle's evening of Elvis tune parodies, all rewritten from a green point of view, begins strongly enough with the entrance of Pyle in full Elvis regalia: big glasses, black hair, flashy jumpsuit open to the navel. But the Environmental Elvis wears out his welcome as soon as we figure out there's nothing more to the show than a guy in an Elvis suit performing song parodies and promoting environmental awareness.

Some of the parodies are wild and witty: "Viva Falafel," "Burning Sludge," and "Are You Recycling Tonight?" And some are sub-Sesame Street silliness--"Don't Waste Fuel"--or worse, like "Blue If I Weren't Green" for "Blue Christmas." And, just as we quickly catch on to the nature of Pyle's act, so we get the point of his songs long before they end.

Pyle needs to give the Environmental Elvis a more compelling reason to be onstage for an hour than this shallow "give a hoot, don't pollute" message, or he needs to share the stage with several other performers, preferably not Elvis impersonators. --Jack Helbig

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